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Does your website need to be mobilized?
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Does your website need to be mobilized?

Your website is now being viewed on cell phones, tablets, and television monitors. How do we as web designers react to that? Well, we’re not going to sell you a separate site for each device. Be wary of being talked into feeling you need a separate site for mobile viewing only. Here’s a great article to back up why separate mobile sites are NOT favored by Google. What’s next, a separate site for tablet viewing, or TV viewing when we all upgrade to smart TV’s? What’s better to have is a website that is responsive. One website that responds to all devices. Even with one website Google Analytics will still break down how many people are viewing you on mobile devices—down to which type of phone they are using.

Experts predict by 2014 more than two-thirds of all searches performed online will be done with a cell phone or tablet, i.e., a mobile device. So that leads you to this question: does your website make sense on a cell phone screen? Can the user click your links with their thumb with ease? How easy is it to see pertinent information: phone numbers, maps, or products for sale? How does it look on a tablet?

Existing websites are being redesigned for the mobile world in a very rapid pace, and there are few big advantages to having a responsive website site:

  • Users can view your most pertinent info with ease
  • Users can click to call or contact in a quick manner
  • Users will have an overall better experience

Take a look at your website on a smart phone. It may be time to hop on the band-wagon and make your website responsive to mobile and other devices.

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